How long does it take for an agent to contact me?

You will be contacted within one business day after completing a request for service either by phone or online.

Once I am referred to a Professional real estate agent, what if I do not feel comfortable with that agent?

We pride ourselves in providing exceptional service and this is our main goal.  If, at any time, you feel you are not comfortable with services provided (for any reason), please reach out to the Staff Specialist in order to allow us to resolve the issue immediately

How do you choose your Agents?

Only selected agents in our office meet our stringent service requirements. This allows us leverage to act as your advocate and insures that you receive excellent service. It is important to note that our program selected agents pay no fees or dues. They are selected strictly on merit. Certification training and customer service skills are essential.

Do you provide a list of appraisers, inspectors, lenders, etc…?

A List of reputable service companies and professionals in your area can be found at http://www.c21mm.com/vendors